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General Membership is $30 per year.  With the General Membership you will receive all the benefits of membership and a paper copy of our award winning journal, The Septs mailed to you each quarter.

Electronic Membership is $25 per year.  With the Electronic Membership you will have all benefits except for the paper copy of The Septs.  You will have access to all issues of The Septs online.

Dual Memberships are $40 per year.  Dual Memberships are for two individuals within the same household who wish to become members.  The benefits are similar to the benefits for a general membership, but both individuals will be able to use the library facilities without paying an entrance fee each time. Dual members share one paper copy of The Septs.

If you live out of the United States, you can sign up for the International Membership or the Electronic Membership.

  •  Dues for International are $40, or
  •  Electronic Membership is $25.
Join through our Online Join page, where you can join and pay online using your credit card or PayPal account, or print an invoice to mail with your payment by check in USD. 
Or, print our membership brochure from a PDF - opens in a new tab - fill it in and send with payment by check.